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It is a great problem faced by youth of India.

I feel this is a very sensitive matter..Things which are already done can be accepted..but promoting this in future would not be good I believe if governance is right then this can't create any hindrance in the success whether at individual level or National level. we all know this is used by politicians to grab vote bank

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Aam Aadmi Party takes exception to the cynical manner in which the issue of reservation in promotions in government jobs is being exploited by various political parties to pit one section of society against another. Instead of taking a principled stand on this question, the Congress has dithered and allowed itself to be blackmailed while the BJP has maintained a strategic silence. Parties like the BSP and the SP have merely acted as pressure groups on behalf of one caste group or another. This is one more instance of how the political establishment puts its partisan interests above the national interests.

The basic rationale of the system of reservations is to extend genuine equality of opportunity to those sections of society that have suffered systematic deprivation, discrimination and disadvantage and are therefore under-represented at the top echelons of our society. This can be extended to promotions as and where there is evidence of systematic discrimination in promotions that do not follow seniority rule. Otherwise, there is no need for reservations in promotion.

In practice, a mechanical use of reservations in promotion often creates an anomalous situation. Those who are recruited against Reserved category tend to get faster promotion than the rest and become senior to their batch-mates from the General category for no special reason. This creates unnecessary heartburn and a sense of injustice, which is not in keeping with the spirit of the system of reservations. That is why the Supreme Court has, while upholding job reservations for the SC, ST and the OBCs, rejected the idea of mechanical reservations in promotions. Undoing this judgment via a Constitution Amendment is not in keeping with the spirit of social justice enshrined in the Constitution. Steps like this could de-legitimize the policy of affirmative action.

Aam Aadmi Party appeals to all concerned sections not to be misguided by the divisive tactics of the established political parties. Instead of focusing on limited issues like promotion policy, that concern a tiny elite from disadvantaged groups, proponents of social justice should focus their energy on the bigger question of equitable access to high quality school and higher education.

Aam Aadmi Party commits itself to this principled stand and refuses to be drawn into the cynical and short-sighted games being played by the established political parties. The Party would seek to create a national dialogue and consensus on this potentially divisive issue.

Manish Sisodia,
Chief Spokesperson
Aam Aadmi Party
Date : Dec 17, 2012

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